Damiani Marmi, the history of an italian talent.

Three generations prove the long and solid tradition the Damiani family has matured in the field of marble and precious stone processing. The huge experience of the Damiani's processing techniques has ancient roots; in the first decades of the twentieth century Ottavio Damiani, patriarch of the family, was a skilled and esteemed stonemasons of Romagna region: originally from San Pietro in Bagno, Ottavio started the long journey of what is now a world renowned Company.

In the thirties, after moving to Rome, Ottavio took part into the building of the rising EUR district, later his relocation in the Pontine area (in the south of Lazio region), he contributed to the foundation of the new-born town of Littoria, the current Latina.

Since the very beginning, the Damiani family has been tightening a close relationship with the Roman and Pontine communities, actively participating in the urban territory development. Master Ottavio's descendants inherited and handed down marble processing techniques of high Italian craftsmanship; the great Damiani's skillfulness and the passion for their job transformed the dawning small workshop into a big Company operating in the construction industry and in the marble processing.

In the nineties, Damiani Marmi has been worldwide recognized for its inimitable made in Italy; the Company has become a trusted partner for high fashion and luxury brands, design and architecture studios looking for, besides the competence, the aesthetic sense, the love for prized materials, attention to details, the respect for tradition with a look towards the future.

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