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Welcome to the marble tailoring.

Damiani Marmi is a leader in processing ornamental stone; the Company has been operating in Latina for over three generations in the manifacture of marbles, granites, stones, onixes and latest generation materials.

The Company has a long tradition originating from the craftsmanship of stonemasons from Romagna (a north italian region); the whole Damiani's production is qualified through ancient techniques representing one of the most precious treasures the Company makes available in favor of its customers. A great passion for valuable marble, a matured capacity, a continuous updating have made Damiani Marmi a main reference in Italy as in the world, in the furniture and interior design fields, in the constructions and renovation trades, in the sacred and funeral art.

Exclusivity and prestige are the main features of all Damiani's products; thanks to traditional techniques, improved through a steady updating, with the help of modern technologies, Damiani Marmi manufactures marble products with a refined aesthetic taste and extraordinary quality.

The Company is always paying attention to the most demanding customers’ satisfaction; the highly qualified staff follows any single phase of the project realization, offering a "tailored" care in the manufact making, even in a particularly complex projects. The constant research, the choice of rare marbles and very fine quality raw materials make a very precious and unique processings.

Thanks to the solid know-how gained over decades of experience, Damiani Marmi is the ideal partner for international luxury and fashion brands, for important design and architecture firms looking for an exclusive product.

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